Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My Best and Worst Moments of 2013

I have been preparing this list for a few months now, and in fact I have only recently narrowed it down to the top ten, as I have many more. From sports to music to film, there have been many highlights of the year for myself and maybe all you bloggers out there.

It's the beginning of 2014, and I am late in posting this but oh well, here it goes:

Miley Cyrus twerks off the nation at the VMA'S

What in the right mind was she thinking!? The Disney Channel sweetheart has turned into a self-obsessed stripping popstar. Although, we can all say what we want about her, she sure as hell knows how to work the crowd. 
Her attention-getting methods aren't exactly the best but they don't vary wildly from that many 21 year old girls. But Cyrus took that to the extreme level, and rigid hands were wrung. The nation exploded with outrage, slating the 21 year old. That was the day "twerking" was created. 

Fergie Retires

This was by far the most shocking news of 2013. The greatest manager of all time was retiring, Manchester United would never be the same again. It came a shock to many United fans, that their beloved manager was retiring after an outstanding amount of years with the club. 
I can honestly say, as a United supporter that the club won't be the same, without this legendary manager. He is sadly missed and will always be the best and greatest manager of all time. 

JLS announce their split

This was the heartbreaking moment of 2013 for me. As a JLS fan from the very beginning, my heart went out to these 4 boys when they announced their split. I was in tears when I found out, sad I know. Along with many other fans, I was tweeting them to try and change their mind but nothing was going to do that. I was just happy I got to see their last tour and I'm pretty sure they'll have a reunion later on in a few years time. We still have Marvin on the voice, Aston's going solo, Ortise's managing and we can always visit JB's farm I suppose. R.I.P JLS!

Bieber retires from music

This was the happiest moment the year gave me. Bieber had quit, thank the lord. As many "Beliebers" were drowning in tears, I was celebrating with joy. He's not only lost control of his life, but he has made his fans lose control of theirs too. This announcement was all over the news, internet and papers, it was made such a big deal of. Well all I can say is that, atleast this boy saw sense and quit, whilst ahead because I'm pretty sure that he would have got into a lot of trouble and made many mistakes if he'd had carried on in the music business doing what he is doing now. Well done Bieber, for making all our dreams come true and quitting. I praise you.

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