Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Society is fucked.

Why is society messed up!?
I'll tell you why!

You see thirteen and fourteen year olds walking round dressed like sluts. You see sixty year olds dressing the same. 
You see people scrounging off benefits when their perfectly capable of going out and getting a job, there just too god damn lazy to try.
You see the government charging students an extortionate amount to get an education after pressuring them for so long to do something with their lives.
You see parents not caring about what their kids are doing, where they are or what ungodly trouble they are getting themselves into. 
You see major violence and crime happening, but still nothing is being done to protect society or the community.
You see people here that shouldn't be, yet our government won't put their foot down and tell them the rules. 

This is why our society is fucked up, and until people realise what it is actually doing to the generation of today and our system nothing will get solved. Grow some balls and do something about this because if not, we're screwed. And I mean screwed.

Rant over.

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