Saturday, 22 February 2014

My little brother

Every time I come home from University it's only really to do one thing. To see one person. I know that sounds bad, obviously I miss my mum and dad, my dogs, my nan and granddad (both), my auntie and uncles and cousins and my friends, but it's to see my brother.

He's my world, my everything, the one person that I can talk to about anything and I know he'll keep it a secret. You wouldn't expect it from a ten year old, but he is more like my big brother than my little one.

He can make me smile even when I'm in the worst mood and don't want too. He can make me laugh when I'm unhappy or down and when he smiles at me, I melt. He honestly means so much to me and I miss him so much at Uni. I'd take him with me if I could, and he'd probably happily come. Even though there's a big age gap of nine years, we are so close. It's unbelievable really!

We are brother and sister, but we're like best friends too. He is my best friend, my little brother, my everything really and I love him so much.

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